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Ways To Give

We pray that you will continue to give your tithes & offerings.  This season of limited gatherings is so crucial to the financial well-being of our church.  A large number of our members already give using …Read More

Pastor Leroy Jones Sr. Street

Bishop Leroy Jones, Sr. was honored with his own street.  The mayor unveiled Pastor Leroy Jones Sr. Street to honor Bishop's many years of life changing work in the community.  Congratualtions Bishop …Read More

Prayer Wall

pray for my brother

 posted by: Lillian on 11/24/2022

Pray for my brother. Pray he gives his life to Christ and overcomes battles hes facing. Pray he comes to repentance of his sins. Pray God protects our communication and relationship in Jesus Name. Pray God keeps His Hand of Protection over us always. Pray for our family Read More

prayer request

 posted by: daniel cahill on 7/13/2022

Hi pastor and all my wonderful COGIC brothers and sister at!Praise the LORD! I am homeless yet saved at 75. Pray that God will sustain me, when you pray I'm not sad, have more love for the less fortunate, and at the end of the day, say GOD has provided in such a special and loving way today for me!GOD richly bless you brother Danny 7/13/22 Read More

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prayer request

 posted by: daniel cahill on 7/9/2022

Hi pastor and all my wonderful brothers and sisters Praise the LORD! Homeless yet saved at 75 in NYC for far too long when you pray for me I am not so sad I have more love for the less fortunate and at the end of the day i look back and say wow GOD carried me all day!GOD richly less you brother Danny 7/9/22 Read More

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Please pray for me

 posted by: Matthew on 1/10/2022

Hi I am Matthew and I am a Christian and have been a Christian all of my life . And please pray for me to get closer to god and to find a local church to go to and please pray for all of my life problems and all of my health problems . Read More

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Pray for my Colleague, Tony

 posted by: Seth on 11/30/2021

Please pray for my colleague, Tony, who works with me in a Christian ministry. He is a very wise, godly man, a great asset to the ministry. However, there are power-hungry people trying to discredit him, his leadership, and the wisdom he has to offer. Those same people will destroy the ministry if they get their way. Please pray that the Lord will increase his stature. Pray that his words will be listened to, respected, believed and understood. Pray that the Lord will give him great wisdom,... Read More

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 posted by: Alester Quakerston on 10/9/2021

Please. Yeshua the Messiah amplify my legal case that I must win to secure my family from financial lost, blackened name, and my children's future. To those who would dust off against us, I plead the story of Esther and Mordecai against Haman that the Lord shall honor us by His hallowedness and chosenness to win us back our right to life and that entails. Peace to Israel, Peace to our household and its members. Read More

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Prodigal friend return

 posted by: Anonymous on 7/3/2021

Father God, I lift up my prodigal friend Kyle to you, when he was living for you he used his testimony to help me heal from abuse. Holy Spirit give him dreams and visions so he cannot deny the truth of who you are. Joel 2:28 says “And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh; your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, and your young men shall see visions." Thank you for the promise that the prodigal son... Read More

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 posted by: Thieringo pastor thieringo on 5/25/2021

PRAYER REQUEST : Concerning the pastor Thieringo : 2021 and after : Have best jobs with best wages incomes, best hours in Swiss country. Protection prosperity wisdom chance success miracles,divine breakthroughs, financial breakthroughs, must be in pastor Thieringo's life in Jesus name. When I(pastor Thieringo) cry, answer me, God of my justice! When I am in distress, save me! Have pity on me, listen to my prayer! Sons of men, how long will my glory be outraged? How long will you... Read More

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RE: Healing

 posted by: Sherry Tate on 5/20/2021

Please agree with me for kidneys that function normally after battling "resistant hypertension" which involved the intake of high doses of high blood pressure meds Read More

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 posted by: on 5/12/2021

I have been experiencing sudden shortness of breath since last month.No other symptoms were there which excluded covid.I was on medication from two doctors with absolutely no effect.My chest xray is normal and my blood count is also normal.Doctor checked my chest and said there is wheezing.Please pray for me Read More

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