There is Power in Agreement

A man(husband) was built to work and that is what a real man will do. The woman(wife) is to be a helpmate to her husband.  When the husband and wife are in agreement and they operate on one accord, the household will be in harmony.

Be in Agreement With GOD: BE FULL LISTED MEN

  • Operate according to God's plan: give your life to HIM and present your body a living sacrifice
  • Get a job: if a man doesnt work he doesnt eat. It's easy to spend other's money, but a man should have his own.
  • Prepare for your future: be a good steward over the resources that GOD has blessed you with
  • Get married: "For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and cleave to his wife." 
  • When you have children be a godly example: talk to them, pray for them, discipline them. They are watching you, so be careful of what you say and do, and how you treat their mother.