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posted by: Sally on 7/29/2023

Please pray husband Felix salvation marriage deliverance from alcohol LORD GOD restore my marriage we need a miracle thank you
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Prayer to pass exam
posted by: Christine Q on 7/1/2023

Heavenly Father, I turn to you seeking your divine help and mercy as I look to you for a miracle, a miracle my Lord Jesus Christ that my greencard will approved and release soon, i will pass my driving road test aug 18 and i will pass my New York NCLEX nursing exam this july 26 so i can become a Register Nurse this year. Heavenly father i am asking for the passing grade. Lord Jesus Christ Please help me pass my New York NCLEX nursing exam so i can start to heal and help those in needs I believe, that you are Great and Loving God. Who help always those people who really need you? I ask you for wisdom, knowledge and understanding that i will remember everything i have study and read when I attempt this exam soon, please do not abandon me LORD in this time of need, but rather grant me this favor I seek so that I will return to you with praise and thanksgiving for your gracious assistance. in your holy name in JESUS CHRIST my lord Amen.
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Blessing the World
posted by: Armando Flores on 5/25/2023

I truly love Brittany Hall more than anything in the world! She is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen! She is also the real girl of my dreams! Dreams really do come true! God has blessed me with real lasting satisfaction! I am so happy, I'm speechless! Me & Brittany are the happiest married couple in human history! We will stay happily married for good & forever! I am eternally grateful to God! Thank You God for everything!
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posted by: Kristy on 5/11/2023

Please pray for my daughter Amber. She ran away and is living with a young man who convinced her to leave her family. Please pray that God will supernaturally intervene and that she will know the love of Jesus and her family.
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Please pray
posted by: Anon A on 4/18/2023

Please pray God’s will be done regarding my work and my mother’s work, that God establish the work of our hands doing something we enjoy and that would not cause us to get sick or injured, that uses our gifts, and that we would trust confidently in the Lord and fear no evil like Joshua and Caleb. Pray God remove all hurt, anger, hatred, jealousy, regret, shame, bitterness and resentment. Pray for complete healing (especially of my womb), wholeness, forgiveness, peace and reconciliation with God. Pray every curse over me and my family completely break, every demon flee, and that we would all believe God has always loved us. Pray God provide wonderfully for the longings of my heart for a good husband, a home of my own, and good close Christian friends, shape my desires to conform to his will and satisfy my heart’s desires with good things. Pray for lots of redeeming grace and love for me and my whole family in Jesus name. Pray for love, hope, freedom, joy, strength, and faith. Pray for breakthrough regarding the healing of my womb, body and mind, and miracles of God’s perfect provision. Pray God come quickly to heal, move the mountains, break strongholds, and pour out his Holy Spirit. Pray God’s will be done, his kingdom come and that God keep us from all temptation, hard testing and the final test in Jesus name.
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Restoration of Marriage
posted by: Anonymous on 3/30/2023

Please pray for Chaska. He has no strength anymore to fight the stronghold of sin and fornication. He continues to engage in a relationship with a lady name Shanell, which caused him and his wife to divorce. This lady continues to engage in a sinful relationship with him and appears to enjoy helping to destroy a family. Please pray that God restores Chaska back to a Godly life he once lived, and rid him of his desire to engage in sin. Pray that God causes sin to become so repulsive to him, that he never wants to engage in it again. Pray that God removes this lady from his life, so he can regain his spiritual strength back.
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Prayer for family
posted by: Angela on 3/28/2023

Please pray for my mother Edna suffering from mental illness. Pray that the chains of oppression be released from her mind and body and that she be totally healed. Pray for restoration in every area of her life and to be delivered from addiction to alcohol and smoking. God grant her peace and deliverance in Jesus name. Also please pray for my brother Michael Bryan Jr that he be healed from drug addiction and sexual immorality. Pray for salvation for my entire family in Jesus Name Amen
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Prayer for salvation and repentance
posted by: Angela on 2/15/2023

Please fervently pray that America Repents of: Homosexuality-. America and the government have allowed homosexuals to run this country and must repent of this wickedness and the attack on marriage between a man and woman. Lesbianism-. America must repent of teaching homosexuality as an alternative lifestyle. Abortion- pray against the attack on the unborn children in this country. Pride of Wealth-America has exalted money. A spirit of mammon, materialism and idolatry rule here. Sorcery and Witchcraft- the people, leaders and governmental officials for listening to devils and not standing up against the unrighteousness sweeping the land. Idolatrous Worship-We have opened the doors of this country to accept other idolatrous religions. Jesus Christ is the only God! Pray all caught in sin will repent and return to the fear of the Lord which is the beginning of wisdom. God has a problem with our continued unacknowledged and unrepentant sins. Pray spiritual eyes would be open. Pray what has been done in the dark would come to light. Pray that people love the truth and not a lie. Pray people repent and turn back to God and he will forgive and set them free! In Jesus Name Amen
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Spirit-Filled Prayer Meeting
posted by: Seth on 2/12/2023

I worked with a ministry, ICM, from 2020-2021, but I left on bad terms. A powerful person poisoned the leadership against me and portrayed me in a horrible way. I would like to invite the employees from that ministry to a weekly Zoom prayer meeting to shower God’s blessing, goodness and love over the ministry. Pray it will build bridges, mend broken relationships, heal broken hearts. Pray for wisdom in making the invitation, wisdom in the timing, and that it will be well-received, and that many people, even my enemies, will attend and be blessed. Pray for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the prayer meeting, that God will lead and guide it, and for conviction, repentance, forgiveness, healing, purification to take place, for God to pour out the fruit of the Spirit and bring revival through the prayer times. Thanks.
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posted by: M. on 2/11/2023

Please pray that I will receive a deliverance miracle from extreme spiritual attacks including nightmares, noises in the home, seeing orbs, feeling invisible beings/snakes on me, hearing evil voices at night, not being able to sleep at night at times and that I will receive total healing. thank you
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